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Artist and Founder

I'm Sean Miller and I'm the founder and creator of Anchor Comics, based in Stockton, CA. My most notable work is on "The Original", a six issue series set in a dystopian future, focusing on the world's first superhero and his struggles coming out of retirement to face a growing threat to humanity.
I started my art career in early 2012 and have worked with other talented artists such as Ramon Villalobos, Travis Compton (editor at Anchor Comics), and Adam Messinger
Keep an eye out for the collected volume of "The Original" due late 2014. Other titles in the works and soon to be released are "The Hoax" and "Solar Max".

About Sean Miller


I love creating custom art for people and companies. Feel free to contact me using the "Contact Me" button below if you have any questions.

NOTE: I reserve the right to turn down any comission I find offensive.

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The Editor

Travis Compton


Travis is the editor for The Original, as well as the writer and artist for Redshift. He has an interest in 3D art and design as well, with experience in the digital field using programs like Maya, Mudbox, and Photoshop.


  • “I've yet to meet someone who matches the determination that Sean draws from to constantly improve as an artist.”

    Adam Messinger
  • “... we were suprised at how fast Sean worked. His art and character design captured the feel we were after. We couldn't be happier with the final product.”

    Russell and Atsuko Takeda
  • “I dont get excited for many comics to come out anymore, but seeing Sean's art and his comics always brings me back to why I love the medium.”

    Adam Messinger